No Medieval Theme for Facebook Billionaire’s Wedding

Facebook billionaire Sean Parker hit back at claims he and Alexandra Lenas were planning a medieval themed wedding on his Facebook page. 33 year old Parker who has an estimated worth of around $2 billion claim they will instead dress their guests in modern suits and dresses with a nod to Victorian elegance that reflects the spectacular venue for the ceremony. When Parker and Lenas employed Lord of the Rings costume designer Ngila Dickson to dress wedding guests rumors began to circulate online of a medieval style wedding based on hit TV show Game of Thrones. Now Parker has posted a response claiming there is no medieval theme even if that dissapoints some potential wedding guests.

Unlike fellow Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s small, intimate wedding to Priscilla Chan, Parker is reported to be sparing no expense on the wedding following the couple’s 2011 engagement. Preparations are already well underway at the Ventura Inn and Spa in California’s Big Sur; alterations are already being made to the site in preparation for the wedding, including the addition of a security gate at the entrance to the site. Along with the installation of a dance floor Parker is reported to have already spent $1 million on plants and flowers.

Sean Parker Wedding: Facebook Billionaire Having Elaborate $9 Million Reception (REPORT)