McDonald's Mega Potato fries

McDonald’s Mega Potato fries

McDonald’s Mega Potato fries

McDonald’s Japan has just released its highest calorie item yet, with their new “Mega Potato” French fries.

According to the Post, McDonald’s Japan combines the contents of two large fries in one super-wide container.

The Mega Potato will be launched in Japan on Friday, and will cost $4.80 (490 yen).

The Mega portion fries leaves every other iten offered by the restaurant in it’s saturated wake.

Large French Fries contain 460 calories, a Big Mac 540, and even a double quarter pounder with cheese contains 740 calories.

Japan Today reports that the Mega Potato is being billed as ‘perfect for sharing’. The launch comes after the director of nutrition for McDonald’s insisted that its menu can be good for you.

It’s an interesting move, considering that other parts of the world are trying to put the breaks on the obesity epidemic that is, in part, fueled by a global obsession with fast food.

One Post reader says the gaint serving of fries are “clearly” meant for more than one person:

Clearly, it is meant for more than one person- look at every photo they all have multiple hands in there. Even if it is for only one person who cares? Its not like anyone is making you eat it! You cant control what people eat. Leave them alone for cryin’ out loud. If they want to die from a heart attack from eating poorly let them. Everyone has to go sometime. This is a good product for a family to get for the table or something. That way everyone has some fries without having to eat an entire thing of them, and its cheaper!

Would you buy McDonald’s Mega Potato fries for yourself?

Check out the video below showing the size comparison of a serving of large fries next to McDonald’s Mega Potato fries.


McDonald’s Mega Potato fries: ‘Mega Potato’ French Fries From McDonald’s Japan Is Chain’s Most Caloric Offering Ever