Cat Breastfeed Ducklings: Everyone Now, Aweee!

Cat Breastfeed Ducklings: Everyone Now, Aweee!

Cat In Ireland Accepts Ducklings for Breastfeeding

When Emma and Ronan Lally of Ireland checked in to see how their cat was progressing with her latest litter of kittens, they were greeted with quite a surprise. The Lallys discovered that their mama cat was breastfeeding a trio of ducklings along with her own kittens. They found their discovery so unusual that they posted a videotape of the contented cat on the internet as she suckles both kitties and ducklings. Many who have seen the videotape express amazement that the cat has become so protective and possessive of the fledgling birds.

The Lallys say that they thought the ducklings had originally wandered off when they couldn’t find them, only to discover that their cat let her maternal instincts kick in and started breastfeeding them. In most instances, cats and birds do not get along very well in the same quarters and in many instances, cats have been known to chase ducks and even devour them.

The case of the cat breastfeeding ducklings is not the first case of inter-species acceptance, however. There have been cases reported of mother dogs breastfeeding baby kittens as well as a mother sheep adopting a baby piglet who had lost his own mother.

Cat Breastfeed Ducklings