Jumper kills 5-year-old Girl In Busan South Korea

Jumper kills 5-year-old Girl In Busan South Korea

Jumper Kills 5-Year-Old, Lands On Top Of Her After Suicide Attemp

A 5-year-old South Korean girl was killed when a man who jumped from his 11th floor apartment and landed on top of her, police said, according to reports Friday.

The horrific incident took place Wednesday in Busan, a port city in the southern part of the country.

Fox News reports:

A police official said the 39-year-old man died immediately after he jumped Wednesday from the 11th floor of the building in the southeastern port city of Busan. The girl died later from brain damage and broken bones.

The official who spoke Friday declined to be named because the case is still under investigation.

The official says it’s unclear why the man jumped. He says witnesses saw the man jumping but there was no suicide note.

South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates among economically advanced countries. Seoul-based Arirang News reported late last year, the percentage of South Koreans who take their own lives is 2.6 times higher than the average suicide rate among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an association of wealthy, industrialized nations.

South Korea, which has a population of 49 million.

Not the first time a Pedestrian was killed by a suicide jumper

In 2009, a woman who committed suicide by jumping out of an eighth floor window killed a pedestrian who was walking along the street below, according to Spanish police.

The 45-year-old woman died instantly in the fall while the pedestrian succumbed to his injuries in hospital following the incident on Monday in the town of Viladecans, a suburb of Barcelona, a police spokesman said.

Another pedestrian who was with the 50-year-old man escaped unhurt.

Spanish media said the pedestrian was of Ukrainian origin, but the police spokesman described him as a Spanish national.