Sheen Changes Name:  Meet Carlos Estevez

Sheen Changes Name : Meet Carlos Estevez

Name Change In Store for Charlie Sheen

Although his given family name is Estevez, the actor born as Carlos Estevez adopted the stage name of Charlie Sheen years ago when he first entered the entertainment profession. Now Charlie Sheen has decided to revert back to calling himself by his birth name of Carlos Estevez.

Promotional announcements for an upcoming film in which Sheen is starring, “Machete Kills”, is carrying images of the forty-something actor with the name “Carlos Estevez.”

Sheen portrays an American president in the movie, set to premiere sometime in September. Rounding out the “Machete Kills” cast is actress Jessica Alba and actors Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Antonio Banderas. Some think the name change may be only a temporary whim on Sheen’s part to help promote the film.

Sheen’s father, award-winning actor Martin Sheen, was born with the name Ramon Antonio Gerardo Estevez. The elder Sheen said in an interview 10 years ago that he adopted the stage name “Martin Sheen” because he had trouble getting acting jobs with the Spanish name, but he never changed it legally, which means all four of Sheen’s children have Estevez as a last name. It’s something Sheen said he regrets.

Sheen said: “I started using Sheen, I thought I’d give it a try, and before I knew it, I started making a living with it and then it was too late. In fact, one of my great regrets is that I didn’t keep my name as it was given to me. I knew it bothered my dad.”

Although he has been professionally known as Martin Sheen for several decades, he allegedly has never taken steps to legally change his name from Estevez. He gave his son the name Carlos Irwin Estevez, who followed him into the acting profession as Charlie Sheen.

His brother Emilio, however, kept Estevez as his surname. Sheen’s return to his birth name may also be an attempt to distance himself from his troubled past.

Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez at the BFI. Premiere of 'The Way', NFT, London. 21st February 2011

Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez at the BFI. Premiere of ‘The Way’, NFT, London. 21st February 2011 (photo courtesy Sam)

Sheen Changes Name