'Beardvertising' The Hairy Wave Of The Future?

‘Beardvertising’ The Hairy Wave Of The Future?

“Beardvertising” Latest Way To Market Products

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing men with full beards that carry mini billboards clipped onto them advertising commercial products. “Beardvertising” is the latest scheme dreamed up by an advertising executive as a way to make use of facial hair as a marketing vehicle and help bearded men earn some pocket change as well, reports Adweek.

Whit Hiler, creative director of a Kentucky advertising agency, is inviting men with full, handsome beards to join what he is calling the world’s first ‘beardvertising’ network. Hiler says that in exchange for clipping a mini-billboard onto their facial hair, beard owners can earn as much as $5 a day in advertising revenue.

Hiler is optimistic that he can convince men to grow their beards out long and full in order to become a member of the ‘Beardvertising’ network and turn their facial hair into a lucrative business. Eagle One Automotive products as well as A & W Restaurants, famous for their root beer floats, are among two of the name brand companies who are already utilizing the Beardsvertising concept to have men clip miniature billboards onto their beards in order to advertise such goods and services as A & W’s new Polar Swirl beverages.

Will you be growing your beard for a piece of the Beardvertising pie?

Introducing Beardvertising: Tiny Billboards That Clip on to Your Beard This could work, right? By David Gianatasio