cheerios commercial Sparks Outrage, Called Racist

cheerios commercial Sparks Outrage, Called Racist

New Cheerios Commercial Causes Racist Backlash

A recent Cheerios cereal commercial has stirred up some controversy and garnered some serious racist backlash.

A post on carried the blunt headline “Cheerios Ads Starring Interracial Family Predictably Stirs Bigot Wave.”

The commercial shows a biracial little girl talking to her white mother about the “heart healthy” attributes of the cereal and then cuts away to her black father asleep on the couch. As he wakes he finds Cheerios have been poured over his heart, presumably by his daughter.

The “heart healthy” claim is a standard theme in many Cheerios ads. The only difference this time is the biracial parents.

The ad has received so many racist comments on YouTube that the comments section had to be taken down. Many of the comments were laced with racial slurs, references to Nazis and racial genocide.

The cereal’s Facebook page was even hit with comments that stated some viewers were surprised that a black man would even stay with his family and one respondent said the ad made them “want to vomit.”

The cereal manufacturer has remained unfazed by the hateful comments. “Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad,” said vice president of marketing Camille Gibson. “At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all.”

Check out the Cheeries Commerical below.

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Cheerios Commercial Featuring Mixed Race Family Gets Racist Backlash (VIDEO)