Cliff plunge dog is saved by a sheep Say Rescuers

Cliff plunge dog is saved by a sheep Say Rescuers

Dog Survives Cliff Plunge Thanks to Sheep

Bristol residents Julian Light and Holly Chugg Jones were devastated when their dog, Dobby, accidentally plunged over a 500 foot cliff while the trio was enjoying a seaside vacation.

After a search effort failed to turn up any sign of their Labrador dog, the sad couple had to return home. But they soon received some very encouraging and welcome news from the local coast guard when they were alerted that sheep had lead rescuers to discover Dobby, who was dehydrated near the bottom of the cliff but still alive.

Rescue crews thought they heard a woman yelling for help, but it turned out to be the warning bleat of sheep who had stumbled across the injured dog about 250 feet down the embankment.

Although Dobby had been without any food or water for two days time, he was able to be safely placed into a rescue harness to be carted back up the cliff to receive some much needed medical attention. Jones and Light rushed back to the scene of their holiday in order to be reunited with Dobby who was obviously very delighted to see his owners again.

Thanks to some very alert sheep, Dobby is alive and well at home again.


Cliff plunge dog is saved… by a sheep