Kindergarten Brawl In Cleveland Leads To Seven Arrests

Kindergarten Brawl In Cleveland Leads To Seven Arrests

According to media reports Friday a brawl that started over spilled punch at a kindergarten graduation ceremony resulted in the arrest of eight people.

Cleveland police were called when one participant pulled out a pipe and another a hammer.

According to the report:

Two teenage girls apparently started hitting each other at Michael R. White Elementary School, and their families joined in, Cleveland police Cmdr. Wayne Drummond said. The fight involved adults and minors, he said.

“You had adults fighting adults, juvies fighting juvies, and so forth,” he said as parents streamed into the building to pick up their children. “You just had a melee here.”

No charges were immediately filed, but those arrested were being booked for aggravated rioting, Drummond said. By city practice, charges are filed after prosecutors review a case.

NBC News reports, Cleveland Police Commander Wayne Drummond said the first 911 call came in as a report of a shot fired — which turned out not to be true — and the school was put on lockdown while several patrol cars responded within minutes.

“There were no guns, but one individual did pull out a club or a stick and one person did grab a hammer,” Drummond told NBC News.

“Officers were able to separate the combatants,” he said.

When all was said-and-done, Seven adults and one teenager were arrested for aggravated rioting and prosecutors will decide whether to charge them, he said. No one was seriously injured, but there were a number of scrapes and bruises from the fisticuffs.

Drummond said it was unfortunate that what should have been a joyous day for the little scholars moving onto first grade ended with their relatives getting hauled away in handcuffs.
“It’s just sad that it was marred by some adults who should be setting an example for the kids of how to behave but who did quite the opposite,” he said.

The school went on lockdown in response to the incident, reports the L.A. Times.

Over the weekend, a member of city council spoke about the Kindergarten Brawl. eff Johnson saying that any parent involved in the fight should be barred from school grounds. He said that the city is “not going to have people coming into our schools, being disrespectful, fighting.”

This sounds like a job for the Kindergarten cop!

This sounds like a job for the Kindergarten cop!


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