42-Year-Old Man Faces Charges for Laughing Too Loud

Rockville Centre, NY – in this small affluent town on New York State’s Long Island, Robert Schiavelli has been issued two court summons for distributing the peace with the intent to be offensive, annoy, and disrupt. The cause of his disorderly conduct? Laughing too loud.

According to the Daily Mail, Schiavelli, age 42, says that he was merely laughing off insults that his neighbor makes to him. According to Schiavelli, his neighbor, Daniel O’Hanian, has been in a feud with him for an extended period and routinely calls him a “******”.

Schiavelli says he has taken to shrugging off the insults with laughter. O’Hanian found the laughter so loud that he called police and they apparently agreed with him and issued Schiavelli two court summons.

Now, Schiavelli will have to pay the combined $500 in penalties or face a jail term of 15 days. He has decided to fight the charges. His attorney finds the grounds for the matter “laughable”.

Mr. O’Hanian has not been available for comment, but his wife says that the charges have a basis otherwise the police would not have issued them. Really? At the first court appearance, Schiavelli was said to be a “gentle giant”. Schiavelli is legitimately disabled due to neurological issues.


Disabled man, 42, faces jail for LAUGHING too loudly in his own home