111-year-old fan Has Met Some Of The All-Time Greats

111-year-old fan Has Met Some Of The All-Time Greats

He’s Been A Fan For A Hundred Years

Yankees fan Bernardo LaPallo got to meet Derek Jeter on Saturday, but Bernardo is used to talking to Yankee stars. He once met Babe Ruth.

In fact, 111-year-old LaPallo remembers going to games at Hilltop Park, the Yankees’ first home. He also remembers when the first Yankee Stadium opened in 1923, by which time he was already 21. He admits he never thought he’d be attending a Yankees game in their third stadium, or at the age of 111. “The day has got me choked up,” he said.

LaPallo has been a Yankees fan since he was nine or ten, and went to games with his father. When he was a teenager, he shook hands with Babe Ruth, who called him “my youngest admirer.” LaPallo said, “I remember that like yesterday.”

LaPallo spent his earlier years opening hotels and restaurants, and later changed careers by studying podiatry. He also managed massage parlors.

What are the secrets of his long life? LaPallo says they’re eating healthy foods in moderation, and following his father’s advice to avoid whiskey and wild living. His father also said never eat a hamburger or a hot dog because “they’ll make you sick.”

MLB.com details a few things Mr. LaPallos done in his remarkable 111 years (and counting).

He once met Babe Ruth.
He received a degree from the Sorbonne.
He fought in World War II.
He’s eaten exactly one hot dog in his life.
He wrote a book.
He wrote another book, which will be released on his 112th birthday.
He puts olive oil on his feet and face.
He’s as old as the American League.


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