Fifth-Grade Teacher Arrested For Cocaine Possession In FL

Fifth-Grade Teacher Arrested For Cocaine Possession In FL

5th Grade Teacher Arrested for Brining Cocaine to Class Appears in Court

Orange Park, FL – 23-year-old 5th grade school teacher Ashlea Eucker made her first court appearance today following her arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia and cocaine at the Plantation Oaks Middle School where she is employed.

In her court appearance, Eucker made her case before the judge as to why she poses no flight risk saying that she has lived in the city all her life. Eucker was not represented by any counsel, but explained that her parents will be helping her obtain legal representation shortly.

The judge set a combined bond of $2,752 for the two charges she faces. The possession of cocaine is the more serious charge because it is a felony. For the time being, Eucker is still employed at the school but is currently suspended. She is still collecting her pay during the suspension.

Eucker brought the cocaine to school in her purse and was in a meeting with school officials when she became visibly upset. It was then that a counselor suggested she retrieve Eucker’s purse from her classroom. Eucker instructed the substitute teacher how to retrieve the purse from her desk and asked that the purse be “zipped up”. It was then that the substitute saw the cocaine.

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