Charges Dismissed Against Gilbert Teacher Arrested for Student Slap

A teacher and former head football coach in Gilbert, Arizona who was arrested after allegedly slapping a student in April and placed on administrative leave, has had the charges against him dropped. A student who claimed David Dunn slapped him in the face called authorities immediately following the classroom incident and Dunn was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault.

As further details emerged following interviews with Dunn and other students who witnessed the altercation, it became apparent that Dunn either did not mean to strike the student but only brush off the hat he was wearing or that his hand never struck the student’s face but hit his hat off his head instead.

An attorney for Dunn says his client claimed that any contact between student and teacher was completely incidental contact rather than malicious or on purpose.

Both Dunn and the student in question were allegedly arguing at the student’s desk when the student began laughing.

Dunn then allegedly struck the student in the face after telling him he had been warned to stop laughing. Although no criminal charges will be filed by police against Dunn after conducting their internal investigation, there is no word if the student plans on suing him personally.


Gilbert High teacher accused of slapping a student

Gilbert High teacher accused of slapping a student in April