66-year-old man discovers he is a woman

66-year-old man discovers he is a woman

66 Year Old Man Finds Out He’s a Woman


What if as a man you went to the doctor only to find out that you’re actually a woman? What if that revelation happened not in younger years, but instead after you turned 66?

That’s exactly what happened to one Hong Kong man this week, who visited the doctor complaining of abdominal pain, and left with the diagnosis that he was a woman.

The Hong Kong Medical Journal, which published the information reports doctors discovered that he was a she after realizing that the cause of his pain and swelling was a cyst on one of his ovaries.

So how is it possible? The condition was the result of the man having two genetic disorders simultaneously. Specifically, he has Turner syndrome, a condition which effects females and causes infertility and short statue, and adrenal hyperplasia, which in creases the male hormones in a female, giving them facial hair, and in his case an exceptionally small “micropenis.”

At only 4.5-feet tall, the man had stopped growing when he turned 10. An orphan, he didn’t have parent to become concerned with his lack of growth , and he continued living life as a short man.

To date the combination of both Turner syndrome and adrenal hyperplasia has only reportedly occurred in 6 patients.

After 66 years, the Hong Kong patient has chosen to continue life as a man, and will potentially take hormone replacements to help compensate.

Seven doctors, writing in the medical journal, said the Vietnam-born patient would continue to live as a man and may be treated with testosterone replacement.

They said: ‘Were it not due to the huge ovarian cyst, his intriguing medical condition might never have been exposed’, according to the Daily Mail.