council returns poo to

council returns poo to

Spanish Town Council Returns Dog Poop to Offending Owners

Dog owners in Brunete, Spain, who fail to clean up after the pooches may receive an unpleasant surprise in the mail. That’s because the town council has decided to retrieve the feces deposited by dogs whose owners fail to scoop up the mess from city streets and sidewalks and package it in boxes that are then mailed back to the offending owners.

According to the Telegraph, the council members hope that by taking such an unusual action, the number of owners who fail to clean up after their dog’s mess will be greatly reduced.

The town uses a team of volunteer investigators to discover people who are nasty enough to leave their dog feces behind for others to step in after taking their animals for their nightly walk.

The offending poop is scooped up into boxes sporting the town’s official logo and marked with the words “Lost Property” prior to being returned to the dog’s owner via a courier service. Since beginning the public service campaign, almost 150 boxes of dog poop have been returned to very ashamed dog owners, but the number of incidents of dog feces left on the street has managed to decrease by a whopping 70 percent in the past three months.


Spanish town posts dog mess back to offending hound owners