Erin Brockovich Arrested For Boating DUI: Reports

Erin Brockovich Arrested For Boating DUI: Reports (photo courtesy Eva Rinaldi )

Famed Legal Clerk Erin Brockovich Arrested for Boating DUI

Famed legal clerk Erin Brockovich who was portrayed by Julia Roberts in the film of the same name back in the year 2000, was arrested this past Friday in Las Vegas for boating DUI. Brockovich was enjoying a boating trip on Lake Mead when authorities observed her erratic handling of the boat as she tried to dock it.

She was found intoxicated and tested for her blood alcohol which proved to be just a bit more the 2x the legal .08 limit. For those unfamiliar with blood alcohol limits, Brockovich’s level of .16 means 16% of the fluid running through her veins was alcohol.

The 52-year-old was later released on a $1,000 bond which for her is certainly chump change.

She has now apologized for her lapse in judgment and claims she only had two drinks which packed more of punch than she expected. Really? With 16% of her body fluid being alcohol, those two drinks must surely have consisted of big gulp size shots or two entire bottles. Boating while DUI is serious in Nevada and can carry a jail term of two to six months. The penalty can be more in the case where the driver attempts to dock the boat as Brockovich did.


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