Man Detained by TSA at Kennedy International Airport Over “The Bomb” Sandwich

Jason Michael Cruz and his buddy Matthew Okumoto were passing through TSA security at Kennedy International Airport when the subject of his deli sandwich came up. Cruz was keen on enjoying his foot-long deli meat delight called “The Bomb” aboard his flight to Los Angeles and expressed those very words to his friend.

The local deli which sold him the sandwich actually calls the sandwich by that name, accordign to the Gothomist.

Cruz just happened to say that at the wrong place and certainly at the wrong time. A TSA officer overhead the conversation and next moment Cruz and Okumoto were being questioned in a holding area of the airport while police officers were being called.

RT discribes the incident:

A TSA officer had overheard the young man talk to a friend and describe a deli sandwich he bought as “the wrong kind of bomb.” Cruz was referring to a 12-inch sandwich that a local Astoria deli calls “The Bomb” – a slang term that indicates both the excellence of the sandwich and the ‘explosively’ jam-packed ingredients between the bread. The sandwich was fully packed with cold cuts, cheese and toppings, but a nearby TSA agent didn’t know the context of the conversation between Cruz and his friend, Matthew Okumoto


In all fairness, the TSA overhead what was clearly a bomb plot to bring down a cross country flight.

The matter did get resolved, but not in time for the men to make their flight. However inconvenient the matter was for Cruz, the TSA is certainly not feeling proud. They detained a man over a deli sandwich not long after undercover agents successfully made it through security twice with a phony IED inside their pants.

The same airport also had an incident of the TSA purloining jewelry from passengers.

The Bomb, a 12-inch Goliath from Sal, Kris and Charlie’s Deli in Astoria that’s so jam-packed with meat and cheeses that it probably should be labeled a flight hazard, at least for the passengers stuck sitting next to you and your bowels for five hours.

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