Onion kachori-craving causes pilot to change route to pick up order

Onion kachori-craving causes pilot to change route to pick up order

Pilot May Lose Job Over Craving for Onion Kachori

A female pilot for an Indian airlines caused a one hour flight delay because she disobeyed orders to take a direct flight in favor of one which made a stop at Jodphur so she could satisfy a craving for the onion kachori produced at one of the city’s finest restaurants, reports the Times Of India.

Captain Smitri Trehan, who is based out of Delhi, disregarded instructions she received at her hotel room to fly directly to Mumbai so that a scheduled 2 p.m. flight could depart on time in order to accept another flight leaving at noon that would swing by Jodphur to pick up a restaurant order that was awaiting her at the airport there.

When Trehan did not report for duty for the 2 p.m. flight, it took Air India at least an hour in order to locate a substitute pilot.

The replacement pilot was located and the flight departed an hour late at 3 p.m. Now the errant captain with a food craving is facing suspension of her duties with the airlines. Despite the objection of several senior officials, an investigation has been opened into the matter.

There has been no word if Air India will either suspend or terminate her employment for her inability to follow orders.


Kachori-craving pilot delays flight by an hour