woman kicked off plane for singing whitney houston songs

woman kicked off plane for singing whitney houston songs

Woman Forces Airline to Make Emergency Landing by Singing Whitney Houston Song

A female passenger aboard an American Airlines flight from New York City to Los Angeles forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Kansas City over her excessive singing of a Whitey Houston song.

The woman began singing classic song written by Dolly Parton “I Will Always Love You”. It was somewhat amusing at first, but for unknown reasons, the woman would not cease to sing the song.

The original flight was to last six hours but three hours later in Kansas City airport, the woman was still singing the song.

In fact, she was singing it as the air marshal put her in handcuffs and walked her off the flight.

The marshal actually had to initially subdue her but that didn’t stop her from singing.

Oddly enough, the woman was not charged with any offense and released. A spokesman for airport explained that the woman was causing a disturbance aboard the flight and had to be removed after repeated efforts to get her to quiet down were ignored. There has been no word on what the woman’s name is, nor whether she caught another flight or continued singing once inside the airport. No one has said whether she her singing voice was any good either.


‘I will always love youuuuuuuuu’: Woman kicked off plane for refusing to stop singing Whitney Houston song