Gay Pride Fines Handed Down In Russia Semmick Photo

Gay Pride Fines Handed Down In Russia Semmick Photo

Russia Gives Gay Pride Fines

In Russia, it is now illegal to show any kind of gay pride or even giving information about the gay lifestyle to a person who is a minor.

The LGBT community is furious over these actions, which passed the Russian Parliament in a shocking 436 to 0 vote. Banning gay propaganda is meant to keep people heterosexual.

Being gay and having gay pride can also be dangerous in Russia as many people are against those who are homosexual and have strict views against it.

Fines for such gay propaganda can run a regular citizen about $150 USD or 5,000 rubles. However, if a media outlet reports anything about the LGBT community, they can face a harsh fine of over $30,000 USD, or a million rubles.

Russia decriminalized the act of homosexuality in 1993 and attacks on **** occur a lot because of the lack of knowledge and acceptance, which are the things that spawn such hate crimes as being beat up and raped for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Speaking to Fox News, Lyudmila Alexeyeva, one of Russia’s oldest and most prominent rights activists, called the law “a step toward the Middle Ages.”

“In normal countries, no one persecutes representatives of sexual minorities,” Alexeyeva told the Interfax news agency. “A modern person knows that these people are different from the rest just like a brunette is different from a blonde. They are not guilty of anything.”

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Besides imposing such harsh fines for those who speak out for the LGBT community, Russia also passed a law that makes it illegal for gay couples to adopt children.


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