Missing student left forest camp nude on 'spiritual quest

Missing student left forest camp nude on ‘spiritual quest

Missing Vancouver Woman:Still Not Found

What was suppose to be a fun camping trip turned into a two day search. Maureen Kelley is still reported missing after going on a “spiritual quest”. She descended down the steepest, most difficult side of the trail from the Canyon Creek Campground. Friends reported that she left camp around 5 pm Sunday evening. After midnight she still hadn’t returned, and was reported missing.

Skamania Sheriff’s Department searched for two days calling in help from Clark County and Hood River County. Gifford Pinchott National Forest is very large and treacherous. According to which way she was walking, she could be anywhere. It is a dangerous situation for her. When she left, she was naked, carrying only a compass and knife in her fanny pack.

The concerns are she wasn’t nearly as prepared as she should have been. The terrain is very rough and steep. Wild animals live throughout the forest. Temperatures have dipped down into the fifties at night, her survival is uncertain.

However, the sheriff’s department suspended the search 8 pm Tuesday evening. They said they would resume later on during the week if she hasn’t returned from her quest. Deputies will continue to check the area for any signs of her.