Steve Irwin Daughter dies?  Hmm Not So Much

Steve Irwin Daughter dies? Hmm Not So Much

The Internet is buzzing with the rumor that Steve Irwin’s 14-year-old daughter, Bindi Irwin, has died.

The reports are not true.

The “Crocodile Hunter” daughter is alive and well and the rumors are the result of a “trends hiccup” as a result of combined keywords from various searches, Social News Daily reports.

ALthough the rumor of “Steve Irwin’s Daughter Dies” is not ture, the headline doesn’t actually seem to be a deliberate hoax per se, reports Inquistr.

it appears more of a headline error that involves a story from way back in January when Bindi’s essay on conservation and overpopulation was the cause of a dispute with former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Mom Terri Irwin explained that Clinton’s org edited Bindi’s essay, saying:

“It’s interesting that she was asked to write an essay about the environment and included the consideration of population (growth) and they returned her essay edited and completely edited that out … So Bindi wrote to Hillary Clinton’s organisation and said ‘what happened to freedom of speech? This is my opinion and I don’t want that edited out’.”

Somehow the interwebs got mixed up with trending headlines.

UPI explains:

In Bindi’s case, her name was garnering attention on the web, but because people were searching for “Steve Irwin’s daughter” instead of her actual name the term became tangled with news of her father’s passing. And thus the term “Steve Irwin daughter dies,” surfaced and went viral.

Either way, Binkdi is alive and well, continuing her fathers work on promoting conservation. Bindi handled public speaking quite well and spoke candidly about her passion about conservation.

“I’m a great believer in conservation, kid-empowerment and all things to do with wildlife. So these programs are something that I’m really passionate and excited about. It’s very special – and what a unique position to be in, to be able to share your passion with such a wide audience. How nice is that?”

“We literally live right in the middle of the Australia zoo, and that is really wonderful in itself. But it’s also great because anyone who comes to visit us gets to experience a family of animals and keepers, and really take something with them. They end up having a greater appreciation of wildlife – and that’s what it’s all about, for me.”

You can follow Bindi Irwin over on Twitter for the latest on the young conservationist.

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