Cocaine Smuggled in False Leg In Spain

Cocaine Smuggled in False Leg In Spain

Coke Smugglers Caught Using Prosthetic Limb to Smuggle Dope

Madrid, Spain – if you’re going to take a novel approach to a drug smuggling run, you should at least have faith in what you’re going.

Police at Madrid’s busy international airport began to suspect something was amiss when a man with a prosthetic limb and his companion were crossing customs after an inbound flight from Panama looking mighty suspicious. Well, the word that more aptly describes their behavior was “nervous”.

Seasoned police get keen on body language and one officer suspected that something wasn’t right with the two mean. A body search revealed that the prosthetic limb was being used to smuggle 750 grams (1 lb. 10 oz.) of cocaine into the country.

The two men are Peruvian citizens and have a history of prior drug smuggling. While this latest drug bust will give most readers something to smile about, the problem remains much more difficult for Spanish authorities to control. A good deal of cocaine is being smuggled into the country from Peruvians.

There are upwards of 45 million travelers who go through the airport annually. The sheer volume of people makes the inspection process limited. In 2012, police were able to detain just under 400 people suspected of drug smuggling or one in every 113,000 travelers.

Cocaine smuggled in false leg

Cocaine smuggled in false leg 3

Cocaine smuggled in false leg 4

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