Powerball Winner Tab:  Did American Powerball Winning Buy Dinner For Entire Restaurant?

Powerball Winner Tab: Did American Powerball Winning Buy Dinner For Entire Restaurant?

Powerball Winner May Have Picked up Meal Tab for Restaurant Diners

Plant City, FL – 180 patrons at a local restaurant had a mystery woman to thank for a free meal recently and it may have been none other than 84-year-old Gloria C. MacKenzie of Powerball Fame. MacKenzie won the largest Powerball lottery in US History that went to a single recipient last month she won the $590 million prize.

MacKenzie opted for the lump-sum distribution of $370 million. As for the restaurant patrons, they were all told that the $2,600 tab for meals was paid by the mystery woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to MacKenzie.

Whether it was MacKenzie or not isn’t known for sure. One thing is for certain is that her generosity extended to everyone. Even the server received generous tips of $50 each. MacKenzie purchased her winning ticket from the Zephyrhills Publix grocery store last month.

She withheld news of her identity for a fortnight after winning the grand prize because she said needed to get her financial picture in order. She is a mother of four children, but chose to endow only one of her children with money in what may be a puzzling matter. At the time she arrived to pick up her lottery money, the 84-year-old elderly woman made no public statement.

UPDATE: According to MSN Now, the generous mystery woman wasn’t MacKenzie after all. “It was not her,” Reaves told Today.com. “It turns out it was another angel to come in here and spend that kind of money.”


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