Frank Ventola talks with CBS4′s Suzanne McCarroll (credit: CBS)

Frank Ventola talks with CBS4′s Suzanne McCarroll (credit: CBS)

Leaves for Ice Cream, Comes Home a Hero
May 20th, 2013

Caring father and ex-hockey player Frank Ventola became a hero when he went out for ice cream and ended up thwarting a robbery at a Denver Safeway. He set out to find some coffee ice cream for his daughter, so he set out to his local supermarket as if it were any other day. From the back of the store, he could hear the pharmacy clerk screaming that he was being robbed. Sure enough, a man was trying to steal Vicodin by force.

The pharmacists called for help and asked somebody to stop the robber. Frank Ventola was near the check out counter by some balloons when he saw the robber running from the back of the store to the exit. Unsure of whether or not this is the perpetrator, Ventola tackles the man. In the fight, Ventola finds a knife on the man and disarms him. Police show up shortly afterwards and take the perpetrator into custody. Safeway provided Ventola the ice cream free of charge.

Arriving home, he daughter asked him what took so long, “I had to break up some kind of robbery,” he responded modestly. At first, his daughter was in disbelief about his extraordinary day. Ventola didn’t consider himself a fighter, just a good hockey player; now his community will look at him as a hero.


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