Toby Burke Wins Bear fight, Used His Fists

Toby Burke Wins Bear fight, Used His Fists

Man Defends Family Using his Bare Hands

Toby Burke, a 45 year old biologist, declares that he fended off a bear using only a piece of birdwatching equipment and his bare hands, reports ABC News.

While walking on the Southern Alaskan Kenai peninsula with his wife and three children, his daughter Grace noticed a brown bear charging them from behind.

When shouting and making loud noises did not deter the bear and with nothing to defend his family, Toby insisted they stick together as he grabbed the only item he could- a scope on a six-foot tripod. He jammed it into the mouth of the bear holding it at bay a distance from his loved ones. However the bear swatted the equipment breaking the scope. Burke then used the sharply broken shaft to stab at the bears face until it was knocked free from his grasp.

When Burke defensively held up his arm the aggressor bit down leaving him no choice but to utilize the only weapon he had. Using his right fist to punch the bear’s face, a scuffle ensued that ended shortly after when the bear gave up.
Living in bear country the family is no stranger to the animal and knew a day like this may come. They believe their composed and collective reaction was what saved them.


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