Mark Slater, Adult Film Stars Can Teach A Private School

Mark Slater, Adult Film Stars Can Teach A Private School

Headmaster of English Private School Would Not Disapprove Porn Star Sex-Ed Teachers

Cambridge, England – Headmaster Mark Slater of the boarding school known as “The Leys” says he is not opposed to having a former porn star teach sex education.

Now, before anyone gets lurid fantasies about a former porn star giving impressionable minds an introduction to adult cinema, Slater has no such thing in mind.

Rather, Slater has taken on a pragmatic approach to pornography saying that it is both prevalent and distorts the meaning of true intimate relationships.

To that effect, if someone who had prior experience in the porn industry were to turn away from it and gain the credentials to teach sexual education from a healthy vantage point, Headmaster Slater would not be opposed to having that person teach the class. He went on to describe the higher purpose of The Leys as shepherding students in those things that will prepare them for life and family.

Mr Slater, 59, tells the Telegraph: “I wouldn’t rule it out simply because of what they have done in their life if I felt that person was going to put across good values and be a good influence.

“I don’t think you can escape porn given that it’s almost impossible to legislate against what goes on the internet.

“There are young people who have got easy access to all sorts of material which wasn’t accessible years ago.

He explained that it’s not about looking too closely at what a person has done in their past as much as it is what they are capable of doing in the present because of their past experiences.

“And I think what we have got to do is empower them with good judgment and make them understand that this kind of thing can be addictive, it can be damaging and a certain amount of willpower is necessary.”

He added: “As a school we see pastoral care as possibly the most important job we do.
“And under the heading pastoral care comes the need to prepare people for life, for their future, and an important part of that is their relationships.

“I think there is a potential that their ability to form fulfilling relationships could be damaged by easy access to pornography.”

Slater understands the addictive nature of pornography and if a well-chosen sex-ed teacher can steer pupils away from such dangers that is a good thing.

Porn stars could teach sex education, says private school head