carvis Sutton calls 911 for kool aid

carvis Sutton calls 911 for kool aid

Florida Man Arrested for Numerous 911 Calls for Kool Aid

A 34-year old resident of St. Petersburg, Florida was arrested for allegedly calling the local 911 emergency telephone system to request marijuana, burgers and Kool Aid not once, but at least 80 times.

Jarvis Sutton didn’t receive the items he requested, but found police officers on his doorstep instead, who promptly placed him under arrest and transported him to the local jail under suspicion of misusing the 911 emergency call system which is a misdemeanor in the state, reports the Huff Post.

Police officials did not indicate if Sutton was already under the influence of either drugs or alcohol when he made the bogus 911 calls, but report that he continued to chew on the foam lining that covered the metal wire cage in the police cruiser.

Because Sutton could not come up with the sum of $150 to post bail, he remains incarcerated in the Pinellas County Jail. Sutton, unfortunately, is no stranger to being behind bars. Over the past 24 months, he has been arrested and jailed at least 7 different times.

There has been no further word if his 80 911 calls set a record in the county for an individual abusing the emergency call system by requesting anything other than legitimate emergency assistance.

Jarvis Sutton Calls 911 80 Times Asking For Pot, Burgers And Kool-Aid: Cops

Man calls 911 eighty times, asks for Kool-Aid, burgers and drugs, Fla. police say

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