African woman's keepy-uppy skills is impressive at any age (VIDEO)

African woman’s keepy-uppy skills is impressive at any age (VIDEO)

Tanzanian Woman Displays Incredible Skill with Soccer Ball

Move over Beckham, a Tanzanian woman has displayed incredible showmanship in her command of a soccer ball.

A roughly 90 second video of the woman’s dexterity was uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral with over 70,000 views. In the video, the woman is seen kicking the soccer ball a few inches off the ground with her feet as the ball lands gently across the top of her feet.

So far, that is a task performed by many amateur soccer players. Next, came the acrobatics.

The woman launched the ball over her head and began gently bouncing it about six inches off her forehead which she crouched down on ground still bouncing the ball in near symmetrical height off her forehead. As she does this, the woman moves her head slowly in a circular pattern with the ball seemingly tracking her head and bouncing off her forehead.

Next, she bounces the ball from her forehead to her left shoulder again with grace. Suddenly, she allows the ball to fall on the nape of her neck and go still for one second and then resume bouncing off her head. Finally, she repeats the nape of neck catch five times in succession before arising with the ball bouncing on her head.

Check out the video below.

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African woman shows off her keepy-uppy skills