Man Discovers 18 Month Runny Nose was Actually Dripping Brain Fluid

Joe Nagy of Arizona simply thought the arid weather and pollen was giving him a constant runny nose. As such, Mr. Nagy simply put up with the condition until the constant need to carry tissues with him proved intolerable. He then paid a visit to this doctor.

It was shortly thereafter that the doctor determined the cause of the nose run as a perforation in the brain tissue which was allowing brain fluid to leak from Mr. Nagy’s head. Doctor Peter Nakaji, a neurosurgeon, explained that the brain sits just atop the nose and is in close proximity. Doctor Nakaji said that given the close resemblance to a runny nose people who have a similar condition fail to get it diagnosed for long periods of time.

“Our brains are really just above our noses all the time,” Dr. Nakaji told Fox 10. “This is one of the more common conditions to be missed for a long time, because so many people have runny noses.”

In Mr. Nagy’s case, his ordeal didn’t end there. He contracted meningitis which infected his brain fluid and prevented him from getting surgery to close the perforations.

However, he was able to recover from the near-fatal disease and his surgery was performed on his brain tissue. He was thrilled to have the bandages removed and no longer have the bothersome running nose condition occur. Doctor Nakaji explained the condition is actually quite simple to correct.

According to Iscience Times, the average human brain contains about 140 ml, or 4.7 ounces, of brain fluid at any given time. The body replenishes its brain fluid once every six hours, meaning we cycle through about 600 ml, or 20 ounces, of brain fluid every day.

A leaky brain affects about 1 in 100,000 to 200,000 patients, according to one surgeon in Arizona.

An image of Joe Nagy's brain, which was leaking fluid through his nose. (FOX 10)

An image of Joe Nagy’s brain, which was leaking fluid through his nose. (FOX 10)


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