Monica Lewinsky Lingerie Auction Aims For Big Bucks

Monica Lewinsky Lingerie Auction Aims For Big Bucks

Monica Lewinsky’s Lingerie and Love Letters to President Clinton Up for Auction

Perhaps no Washington D.C. intern has ever been the focus of such scandal was Ms. Lewinsky was back in 1995.

Now, 32 personal effects which had once been in the hands of independent special prosecutor Kenneth Star for his investigation of President Clinton, are now up for auction, reports the Huff Post.

The items were eventually returned to a paramour of Ms. Lewinsky, but have since ended up in the possession of the man’s ex-wife. It should be noted that the “blue stained” dress is not among the 32 items up for auction.

The starting bid for the collection stands at $2,750. In the sixteen years since the end of the scandal, Ms. Lewinsky has been unable to shake off the negative public image. For his part, President Clinton has set himself in the world center stage and rehabilitated his image and legacy.

He even gave a keynote address during President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 that won praise from many people for invigorating the campaign. Ms. Lewinsky, who was the victim in the scandal, has not had any such fortune. She has been unable to sustain a meaningful relationship and her employment prospects in the US were deeply limited due to her notoriety.

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