Rifkin Forced to Clock out For Bathroom Breaks at T-Mobile

Rifkin Forced to Clock out For Bathroom Breaks at T-Mobile

Former T-Mobile Employee Made to Punch Out for Restroom Breaks

Former T-Mobile employee Kristi Rifkin, now age 40, told ABC News that her employer made her use vacation time for restroom breaks during her second pregnancy.

Employees are given two 15 minute breaks and a half an hour for lunch. However, Rifkin’s doctor told her that she was at high risk during the pregnancy and that consuming water was strongly encouraged.

She followed her doctor’s advice but that led to more bathroom breaks than her break time allowed.

It was then that her supervisor instructed her to clock out and clock back in so that the bathroom time would be unpaid. Eventually, Rifkin said she had to use vacation time to alleviate her bladder. After four years of employment, Rifkin was terminated.

She claims the termination was for a “clerical” error, but has not elaborated on what constituted the error. When asked if she would sue her former employer she said no.

She neither has the money to pay an attorney nor does she believe much will come out of it given that Tennessee is a right to work state. A spokesman for T-Mobile issued a statement to ABC News which regurgitated standard company benefits and compliance with federal regulations which no doubt had no bearing on what they were asked to comment on.

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Kristi Rifkin forced to clock in and out of work to use bathroom