fear that takes flight, Alektorophobia fear of chicken/fowl

fear that takes flight, Alektorophobia fear of chicken/fowl

Alektorophobia Induces Panic When Around Chickens or Fowl

Never ask an individual with alektorophobia to enter a henhouse. That’s because alektorophobia is a fear of chickens, roosters and any other animals considered within the category of fowl.

Although the cause of this specific phobia is not known, many doctors say it can often be traced to some traumatic behavior the individual experienced involving chickens or being attacked by a chicken or other bird during childhood. An individual who has alektorophobia will feel very uncomfortable in any environment in which chickens are present, such as farmhouses and henhouses.

If forced to be in the same space where chicken are present, the alektorophobic individual may exhibit a variety of symptoms.

These range from shortness of breath and a feeling of overall panic and dread to an increase in perspiration, rapid heartbeat, shaking, sweating, feeling sick to their stomach, dry mouth and stuttering. Even approaching an area where there are chickens can cause someone with alektorophobia to have a panic attack that causes them to start crying, sweating or even in extreme cases to pass out from their fearful feelings.

If a person truly wants to rid themselves of alektorophobia, they can try hypnotherapy to help change their automatic response to chickens or other fowl or try desensitization techniques to help them cope.