Doctor Who May Make Britons Feel Closer to Space

Lynx Deep Space, producer of men’s personal products, released a survey suggesting that more than a fourth of the population of the United Kingdom believes that Australia is farther away from the UK than the moon. In reality, the distance between London and Canberra is 10,554 miles. Meanwhile, the distance between the earth and moon is about 238,900 miles – 25 times farther.

Lynx’s report also claimed that a fourth of the UK’s occupants believed that it was possible to use a cellular phone while in space.

The influence of Doctor Who -the UK’s longest running TV show- may be to blame for these answers. Doctor Who features several episodes in which characters use cell phones to call home while traveling through time and space. Furthermore, one episode features the moon hovering just above London as The Doctor and his companion help a crew of alien detectives search for a devious criminal.

Lynx’s survey also showed that Britons are as excited about space as they are wrong about it. The majority of those surveyed said that they would rather take a trip to the moon than take a trip to a place like Spain.


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