Michael Jackson's bottom

Michael Jackson’s bottom

Michael Jackson’s Buttocks Revealed Serious Drug Addiction

Michael Jackson’s friend and one-time physician Stuart Finkelstein revealed the following allegation during a deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit being brought against the entertainment company AEG Live by the late singer’s mother. Dr. Finkelstein described the singer’s buttocks as showing abscesses and scarring concomitant with opiate drug abuse which he modified with the words “significant” and “extensive”.

What is sorrowful about the revelation is that Dr. Finkelstein wasn’t describing the fifty-year-old singer at the time of his death, but rather sixteen years earlier during his 1993 “Dangerous” world tour.

In one incident, Dr. Finkelstein described an incident where he injected Demerol into the singer’s buttocks and said the needle nearly bent due to the tissue scarring.

Dr. Finkelstein also witnessed infections on the Jackson’s posterior as well. Demerol is an opiate. He knew instantly that Jackson was suffering from an opiate drug addiction and that Jackson required an intervention in order to get the help needed.

Dr. Finkelstein reached out to Liz Taylor to confront Jackson and persuade him to get help. It wasn’t stated why he didn’t turn to the singer’s family to stage that intervention. During that particular tour, Jackson was said to receive 10mg shots of Demerol between two and four times daily.

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