Subway Fires Sandwich Makers Posting X-rated Exploits

A Subway franchise owner has fired an employee for posting an X-rated photograph of himself exposing his ***** in order to position it atop a foot long loaf of the fast food chain’s subway sandwich bread. A second worker also received a pink slip for posting a photograph on Instagram showing a bottle with a liquid frozen inside that the employee claimed was his own urine.

The Subway franchise owner responded quickly once the X-rated employee actions and photos were discovered and apologized for the actions of the employees, reassuring customers that their juvenile actions was not representative of the Subway brand and that both were punished with termination as soon as their folly was uncovered.

Officials at Subway, the largest sandwich fast food operation in the world, refused to release the names of the employees who had been terminated for their X-rated actions nor would they release the location of the franchise operation where the violations allegedly took place.

In a statement Subway told Huffington Post: ‘This isolated incident is not representative of SUBWAY Sandwich Artists™. These actions are not tolerated and the franchisee took immediate action to terminate the two employees involved.’

The employee who posted the foot long bun photo contended that the photograph was taken at his own home and not in the preparation area of the Subway restaurant itself. No word if the employees will face criminal charges for health code violations.

Ian Jett admitted to HuffPost Weird News that he had posed with the baguette, but denied he had taken the photo in a Subway store.

‘I would never do that at work — it was at home,’ he said. ‘This isn’t something I’d ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke.’

This is the second embarrassment for the chain this year – three-year-old girl escaped with minor injuries after swallowing pieces of glass found inside a Subway sandwich in January.


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