The woman who was accused of sending poisonous ricin-laced letters to both the President of the United States as well as the Mayor of New York City has given birth prematurely while in prison to a baby boy. Lawyers representing Shannon Richardson report that the Texas-based actress and her husband Nathan are the parents of a boy named Brody who was born prematurely on the Fourth of July. Shannon Richardson is currently in custody on charges that she sent threatening correspondence to public officials and then tried to pin the blame on her husband.

Shannon Richardson was arrested in early June after it was determined that she herself orchestrated mailing the letters to Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg containing potentially lethal amounts of a poison derived from the castor bean plant called ricin. The boy’s birth on July 4 was four months premature and baby Brody weighed only two pounds. Her attorney says that he remains in the hospital and faces some serious medical problems due to his early arrival. Richardson’s attorney made no comment on whether or not the stress imposed on Shannon Richardson due to the ongoing investigation and her subsequent arrest may have caused the premature birth.

Shannon Richardson Update: Texas woman in custody in ricin letters case gives birth prematurely