250,000 beef burger London

250,000 beef burger London

{250K Burger to be unveiled: contains no real meat

{250K burger has been introduced within the European market. This new burger contains absolutely no real meat at all.

The new burger is quite expensive and is referred to as the “test tube” burger. This new creation has been grown in an actual laboratory using stem cells from a slaughtered cow. Stem cells are extracted from a cow and artifically grown in a laboratory.

The meatless burger is exactly 5 ounces and consists of 3,000 strips of artificial beef each the size of a single grain of white rice. This new burger can only be found in London England.

People have been concerned about the consumption of beef and other red meats for years. Consuming too much red meat can carry certain health risks. The new artificial beef burger could end up solving some of the problems associated with the consumption of too much beef and other meat products.

Professor Mark Post has stated that he feels the new artificial burger may help to solve some of the problems associated within the meat industry.

Only time will tell if this meatless burger will replace traditional beef burgers. In addition, problems within the meat industry may very well be solved with the introduction of this latest substitute meat creation.