TV channel for dogs launches on DirectTV

TV channel for dogs launches on DirectTV

First TV channel for dogs launches

Coming this August, a new TV channel for dogs will hit the airwaves. The TV channel will air different programs aimed at keeping lonely dogs company throughout the day as their masters are off to work.

DOGTV which will be a 24/7 digital TV channel will be transmitting throughout the nation via the US satellite operator DirecTV and may soon launch in other countries thereafter. Through its programs, the channel will be reaching out to approximately 46 million dogs.
Though yet to be launched, the channel has already receiving a lot of positive views from prominent TV personalities and dog owners. According to Gilad Neumann who is the CEO of a Tel-Aviv based company, the channel will be the ‘first and only TV channel that’ll be dedicated to our four-legged friends.’

Some of the programs that will air on DOGTV will include a selection of animation, visuals as well as music that is aimed at easing away the loneliness and at the same time, giving the dogs something stimulating and relaxing to focus on.

“It is the first and only television channel that is dedicated to our four-legged friends and not to their parents,” Gilad Neumann, the chief executive of the Tel Aviv-based company, said in an interview.

It will cost only $4.99per month to subscribe to this channel. Unlike the common belief, DOGTV will in no manner transform the dogs into couch potatoes for unlike humans; dogs are bound to only pay attention to programs that interest them.

“It’s more than just entertainment for dogs. We are creating more of an environment,” Neumann said of the channel that costs $4.99 a month. “They are bored and many suffer from separation anxiety. What we are trying to do is to give dogs something to focus on in the background.”

Still Mechele Henson from the Guardian thinks it’s a “barking mad” idea.

I’ve never seen telly stimulate my dog. If it hears a bark on telly, it jumps up and runs towards the door, looking for the mystery barker. It does not remain staring at the telly. Help! I’m already praying that this ghastly idea doesn’t arrive in the UK, helping us to feel less guilty about leaving our dogs mouldering at home. There’s only one answer to this problem. Don’t get a dog if you’re out at work all day. Tough tits if you’re desperate for a dog. You can’t have one if you have to leave it alone for hours on end.

The company, which is in talks and planning to launch the channel in other countries, is also contemplating a TV channel for cats.

“They are not as social as dogs so suffer less from being alone,” Neumann said.

Will you be subscribing to DOGTV?