couple's shock at tummy ache that was actually a baby

couple’s shock at tummy ache that was actually a baby

Couple Elated Over Tummy Ached Turned Baby

41-year-old Amanda Ross and her partner of 14 years had all but given up on having children. It wasn’t for lack of trying nor will.

The couple wanted to start a family. However, with time they resigned themselves that parenthood wasn’t a blessing they would enjoy in their relationship. That changed within 24 hours of Ross visiting her general practitioner to complain over stomach discomfort.

The attending nurse informed her that what she was experiencing might be more than a tummy ache – it could be a pregnancy.

Her doctor later confirmed that Ross was not only pregnant but midway through her third trimester. The following day, an emergency C-section had to be performed and Ross and her partner welcomed little Chloe into their family weighing just 4 lbs. 9 ounces.

Ross said she did not experience any morning sickness or enlarging of her stomach area. She didn’t get so much as a baby bump. Nor did she experience any fetal movement that would have given her pause.

“I had the munchies, but nothing, no cravings for anything in particular. I did not feel any movement. I put on a little bit of weight but nothing that was like a baby bump,” she told ITV’s Daybreak.

The baby was truly a surprise. Her boyfriend Paul Dean has two children from a prior marriage, but found this latest pregnancy to be a pleasant shock that he hasn’t been able to fully process just yet.

She added: “I have bonded (with Chloe) very well, considering that we did not have much time to prepare.

“We were sat at home just chatting about what to do with the next couple of weeks and then obviously she was born by emergency Caesarean 15 hours later and then she was in the neonatal intensive care unit for a day and a half.”

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couple’s shock at tummy ache baby