breast feeding linked to brain power

breast feeding linked to brain power

Breast feeding Leads to More Brain Power

Doctors have recommended breastfeeding for quite some time now. Throughout the past thirty years, various studies have shown the benefits of breastfeeding. Many mothers do choose to feed newborns their own breast milk. However, not all mothers follow this recommendation, which could be hurting their children. A recent study has backed up this guideline in a somewhat new way.

Recently, a study revealed that infants that are breastfed longer tend to become smarter than those who aren’t breastfed. Doctors recommend breastfeeding exclusively during a newborn’s first six months. Breastfeeding should continue for at least another year along with other types of feeding. Sadly, most mothers give up breastfeeding altogether long before a child reaches six months of age. Such a decision could be stunting each child’s brain development, though.

From now on, mothers should think twice before ending breastfeeding before a child turns two years-old. The effects of early breastfeeding speak for themselves, although studies on long-term breastfeeding are inconclusive. The guideline of six months worth of exclusive breastfeeding should absolutely be followed regardless. Otherwise, an extra year of partial breastfeeding can’t hurt, according to the study. Mothers should do what they can to ensure the development of their newborn.