British Cougars Favor Barcelona Spain for Their Boy Toy Escapades

In the evolving sexual revolution, British women past age 40 looking for carefree flings with younger men are taking a fancy to Barcelona this year. That is according to self-described cougar Marlo Jordan who runs the website which is dedicated to sharing information with similarly minded women. Jordan conducted a poll and found that at least for this year, British women have their eyes set on experiencing their trysts in Barcelona.

Now, exactly who does an older woman flirt with when on the hunt for a boy toy? You might be surprised that often times older women seeks their companionship among the hotel staff such as the bellhop, concierge, or those involved with coordination activities for the hotel’s patrons. Cougars also have their sights set on golf and tennis instructors.

That data is according to better than fifty percent of the respondents. The cougars mentioned in the poll are upscale and wealthy and enjoy spending their money on luxury vacations. They also favor Mediterranean men who are confident around an older successful woman. As for the poll, it had a sample size of 1,043 women and found that seven in ten were looking to meet up with a younger man while on holiday this year.

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British cougars favour Barcelona