Metung Hotel shark Swallows Man (PHOTO)

Metung Hotel shark Swallows Man (PHOTO)

Prank Photo Shows Australian Fisherman Swallowed by Shark

Visitors to a Victoria Hotel are greeted by a very bizarre photograph showing a fisherman who appears to have been swallowed whole by a shark. The unidentified Australian fisherman is seen with a knife in his left hand, stabbing away at the shark’s head in a frantic effort to free himself.

The strange photo which has proven to be quite a topic of conversation among visitors to the Metung Hotel is actually a photograph staged by a local man who first caught the shark and then gutted him in order to position his body inside the sea creature to make it appear as though he was fighting for survival after being swallowed whole.

Many people who first notice the photograph on one of the walls of the hotel’s popular pub, have assorted reactions, but the most common one is wondering if the poor fisherman managed to survive his ordeal.

David Strange, manager of the Metung Hotel, said: “We have a lot of fishing photos and various taxidermic fish on the walls of our pub.

“We get so many different reactions, it is a constant source of humour in our pub.

“People’s reaction to the photo is fantastic varied and taken in great humour. They are amazed and can’t believe what they see. It is a great photo.

“The shark was caught by a professionals shark fisherman and dealt with as part of their normal commercial catch, except for a funny photo.”

In the wild, Great White Sharks have been known to bite human beings in half or make off with an arm or a leg, but never to have actually swallowed a man whole. The photo has even become the topic of radio conversation, but the fisherman and his buddy who staged the photo have yet to reveal their identities.

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