wallet returns 24 years after lost on vacation

wallet returns 24 years after lost on vacation

Lost And Found: Wallet Resurfaces After Decades

Well, they say that all good things come to those who wait. Some people wait longer than others, it seems.

Most people don’t have to wait twenty-four years to get their library card back, though.

A Reddit user known as “Shrivel” (makes you wonder, doesn’t it?) had been water-skiing in North Carolina back when George Bush was president… the first George Bush.

Evidently he forgot that motion, water, and wallets don’t make a good mix. He lost his wallet in the ocean.

The last time he saw that wallet, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker were still on TV, AT&T had posted its first loss in 103 years, and the price of a New York subway ticket had just risen, incredibly, from one dollar to $1.14. Michael Jordan had just hit 10,000.

A good Samaritan found Shrivel’s wallet and contacted him after enough time had passed for either one of them to marry, have a baby, have that baby grow up and finish college, get married, and have children of her own. Evidently most of the cards in the wallet were still readable. Long live plastic!

“As I am driving to work one morning last week, I get a phone call,” the man wrote. “The voice on the other end asks for me by name and says, ‘My name is … and you don’t know me but I know your name, birthday, height, weight and address.’ Okay, I’m thinking, bit of a creepy way to introduce himself, but I figure I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and hear him out. ‘I was at the Holden’s Beach in North Carolina on vacation and I think I found your wallet,’ he says.”

“I know from talking to the guy that the inside contents were in good enough shape to read,” the wallet’s owner wrote. “But I was floored by how well preserved the outside of the wallet was.”

It really is kind of amazing, though. It’s nice.

Some things are just meant to be.

(Do they make water-skiing pants with ZIPPERED pockets? Anyone know?)

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Wallet returned after 24 years missing

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