Maui shark attack

Maui shark attack

Retiree Survives Shark Attack


Evonne Cashman, a retired school teacher, survived a very close encounter with what is believed to be a twenty-five foot shark. Cashman was vacationing on Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian islands and had the run-in with the shark while snorkeling. She was only in water about ten feet deep and thirty feet from shore at Ulua Beach Park. No one has been able to determine exactly what species the shark was, but from the bite it appears to have been very large.

The shark attack was fast, so fast that Cashman says she did not see the shark coming nor going. The huge fish hit her, let go and then swam away. She was able to return to the beach and get help. She sustained injuries on her hands, chin and the worst were on her back. She said the attack would not stop her from snorkeling, not even off of the beaches of Maui.

In the aftermath of the attack, which happened last week, two of Maui’s beaches were closed. The attack on Cashman was the second attack in four days. The first attack was off of White Plains Beach in Oahu and on a local surfer, Kiowa Gatewood.

Not the first Shark Attack Recently

Pacifica, CA – In these somewhat cold waters in Northern, CA, Micah Flanaburg was enjoying an afternoon of fishing from his Kayak along with his father-in-law. It was at that time that a Great White Shark surfaced beneath his single-person plastic kayak and hoisted it above water.

Flanaburg said the man-eating shark then took hold of the kayak and jostled it from side to side eventually taking hold of the craft in its jaws.

The shark bit into the kayak and then swam around Flanaburg at which point it vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

“It was intense. It was just like the Discovery Channel where you see the eyes roll to the back of the head and the pink gums and his teeth bared,” Flansburg told ABC.

Looking back, Flanaburg believes the incident lasted no more than ten seconds, but he says it was a very long ten seconds. He feared that if the shark were to take another bite of the kayak, it would be in a part where his legs were.

Flanaburg’s kayak is 15 feet long which gave him a good means of measuring the shark. He says the predator was 3/4ths the length of his kayak which would put it’s length at 12 feet.

They were only between 100 and 200 yards from the shore. There are multiple swimmers and surfers at Pacifica Beach this time of year.

Last year’s 75 shark attacks worldwide were close to the 10-year average. But the number of deaths doubled compared with 2010. The 12 fatalities in 2011 was the highest yearly total since 1993, which also had 12. The 2001 to 2010 yearly average was 4.3.

Last year’s fatalities happened in Australia (three), Reunion (two), the Seychelles (two) and South Africa (two), with one each in Costa Rica, Kenya and New Caledonia.

Florida led the U.S. with 11 of the nation’s 29 attacks, none of them fatal.

NBC NEW YORK  Flansburg thought he was done for when the boat was being sucked under, but the shark let go and eventually swam away.

Flansburg thought he was done for when the boat was being sucked under, but the shark let go and eventually swam away.