Skydiving Instructor Jumping in Tandem Dies

A Mississippi skydiving instructor who jumped in tandem with his student from a plane over the southern part of the state last weekend was found dead in a wooded area near the airport where the duo were originally supposed to have safely landed. James Horak, Jr. was part of the last tandem team to jump out of the aircraft and eyewitnesses say it appears that he was able to open his parachute at the proper time to slow his freefall. Horak was found dead and his 26-year old student is currently hospitalized in crucial condition, suffering from head and body injuries sustained in the fall.

The exact cause of the fatal mishap is not yet known, although officials report that it appeared that Horak cut away the lines of his main parachute for some unknown reason in order to deploy his back-up chute. A team of about 30 parachutists and volunteers began scouring the area surrounding the airport when Horak and his student didn’t land in the expected vicinity. Both were found in a heavily wooded area that would not have been able to be seen by rescue airplanes. Members of the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the incident regarding whether or not proper safety procedures were followed.


Skydiving Instructor Dies Following Tandem Jump In Missouri