Couple at baseball game in New Britain, Connecticut (YouTube)

Couple at baseball game in New Britain, Connecticut

Baseball Proposal Reject a Hoax

The New Britain Rock Cats, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Minnesota Twins admitted that a televised marriage proposal that ended in a ‘no’ was a publicity stunt.

CBS Connecticut reported that the video which went viral last week on YouTube and reached over 60,000 hits by Wednesday was an admitted hoax.

After the proposal a game announcer asked the female, “Jessica, everybody wants to know, yes or no?”

Before running off the field Jessica replied, “David, I’m sorry. I cant.”

David then ran off the field after Jessica while the announcer gave an uncomfortable chuckle.

The team’s president of marketing, Mike Abramson reported that the fake proposal was inspired by a real proposal and wanted to see the outcome if the answer was ‘no.’

Abramson reported to CBS affiliate WTIC radio that, “We thought is was a fun idea and was sort of in the line with the wacky, edgy things we do to get people interested, to stay relevant.”

David and Jessica are employed by the baseball team and said, “I did think most people in the audience believed it was fake, but ultimately we weren’t trying to hurt anyone or fool anyone.”


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