New Zealand Woman Drives 300 km in Her Sleep from Medication

New Zealand – local police reported that just past midnight local time this past Wednesday, they received reports that a woman had been found sleep-driving. This isn’t the first time the woman has been said to drive in a sleep-induced state from her medication. Reports are that back November, she had a similar incident.

This time around, the woman drove a distance of 300 kilometers (~180 miles) from Auckland to her former home.

A concerned friend had phoned police that she had sleepwalked to her car and had possibly driven off after ingesting her sleep medication.

It should be noted that she wasn’t consciously attempting to drive under influence of a prescription drug, but rather in her sleep-induced state she drove off.

While on her five hour trek back to her former residence, the woman even sent text messages. She was found fast asleep against the steering wheel while parked in the driveway of her old home.

Police have held onto her driver’s license pending an inquiry into her suitability to drive. While they are relieved that she was found well, they confess their grave concerns over the tragedies that may have resulted from her driving condition.

New Zealand woman sleepdrives 300 kilometres

New Zealand woman sleepdrives 300 kilometres—–while-sleeping