Karen Butler Foreign Accent Syndrome

Karen Butler Foreign Accent Syndrome

Brittish Speaking, Oregon Born

Karen Butler awoke from a denture implant surgery with a perfectly normal English accent. However, the only problem was that she was born and raised in Oregon! Karen suffers from a rare disorder called “Foreign Accent Syndrome.” The condition is so rare that there are only 60 recorded cases in medical history.

Doctors believe it is the side effect from a minor brain injury like a stroke. However, the exact cause and diagnosis are hard to pin point. Karen, however, has enjoyed her new voice. It has allowed her to open up more in public as people are always asking her where she is from. Her husband does not even seem to mind given the list of things that could have gone wrong.

Foreign accent syndrome is not a debilitating syndrome, but it can cause sufferers emotional distress. Butler seems to be embracing her new accent with dignity and grace. The most remarkable thing is that the accent does not seem to go away in anyone who develops this bizarre health problem. Butler will speak like she hails from the United Kingdom for the rest of her life. However, the confidence that she has gained in return does not make it such a bad thing after all.

Foreign Accent Syndrome: Oregon Woman Wakes From Surgery With Accent