Captor of 1993 10-Year-Old Katie Beers Found Dead in Prison

The life of John Esposito has come to an end with his passing away in his prison cell in Ossining, New York; the same prison which gained the familiar nick-name that generations ago as “sing-sing” which term became synonymous with prison in general.

Esposito had kidnapped young Katie Beers when she was ten years old and held her captive for seventeen days in an underground dungeon in his home. He was sent to prison for his crimes on a 15-year to life sentence. While in prison, Esposito was a model prisoner and had come before the parole board four times being denied release each time. Most recently, he appeared before the board this past week.

However, he was found unresponsive in his cell early this week and upon confirmation of his death, parole officers notified Beers, now age 30, directly so that she would not have to learn about it through the media. Beers expressed appreciation for the kindness shown to her.

Beers has gone on to live a productive life and is married with two children. She is also a college graduate. She recently wrote a book about her ordeal and invited Esposito to participate in the book as a means of coming clean, but he denied his guilt.

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